Whispers In My Ghost’s Ears

file00073407851Uncovering the Myths of Mental Illness!

Do you know that every year many people is misdiagnosed to have psychosis, or schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder, and that many of them are even overmedicated, or institutionalized for many years? Do you know that many mental health professionals are beginning to accept the idea that what those people have is a natural existential crisis that can be addressed by a well sustained and systematic doses comprehension, understanding, empathy and love? Well, every day there are more and more people who have been labeled “mentally ill” who are now making the decision of accepting that what they ave is a natural existential crisis. this documentary will address this topic and more.

In partnership with PluralPie Project, EktoCinema is currently collaborating on the making of the documentary Whispers In My Ghost’s Ears, which will attempt to uncover the Myths of Mental Illness.

We are currently in the process of interviewing, doing research and developing the concept.

Working title: Whispers In My Ghost’s Ears: Uncovering the Myths of Mental Illness (Writing the Script.)

Genre: Documentary

Stay tuned for more information!

Cheers! :)

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