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Here we will address issues related to Mental Diversity through the language of the visual arts. Now, here the word Diversity will not only relate to Diversity in terms of race or cross-culturalism (topics that will definitely be considered), but we will also use the word in a broader way, like in terms of diversifying the mind so that people can freely experience extreme mental states (like hearing voices) without being labeled of mentally ill, or like educating the community so that we all begin to see kids with ADD, autism or down syndrome as people with different talents and not as individuals with disability. Mental Diversity is definitely a controversial topic to tap into, and we will address it accordingly by producing documentaries and narrative films.

Whispers In My Ghost’s Ears

Uncovering the Myths of Mental Illness! Do you know that every year many people is misdiagnosed to have psychosis, or schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder, and that many of them are even overmedicated, or institutionalized for many years? Do you know … Continue reading

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